Install Firefox Plugin

Thanks to Ankit Mohan, there is a Firefox Plugin Available now. 

Why should I install the Firefox plugin for DoubleTrust ?

DoubleTrust allows you to quickly converge to the most important results for any search term according to the mutual agreement of two leading authorities in search. Furthermore, the results page acts as a gateway to launch each search engine separately, in case you need more than 80 results which are shown in the DoubleTrust page, still providing full search flexibility to you. 

Install Firefox plugin

Please let me know in case of any problems. If someone knows an easy way to write an IE search bar/plugin, it will be of great help.

Interestingly, Firefox outnumbers IE visitors 3:1 for DoubleTrust.

  New (works with ALL browsers)

Search with your favorite engine and use DoubleTrust as a search accessory !

Add the Compare query button to your toolbar for quick comparison