Important: Do not just send us a URL to a web page containing your answers to homework assignments, instead of including the answers in your email (perhaps via an attachment) itself.

Homework One: Assigned 4/1/03, due noon 4/3/03

Homework Two: Assigned 4/3/03, due noon 4/10/03

Homework Three: Assigned 4/10/03, due noon 4/17/03

Homework Four: Assigned 4/17/03, due noon 4/24/03

Homework Five: Assigned 4/24/03, due noon 5/3/03

Homework Six: Assigned 5/1/03, due noon 5/8/03

Homework Seven: Assigned 5/8/03, due noon 5/15/03

Homework Eight: Assigned 5/15/03, due noon 6/5/03


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