Clementine in June
Oakland, 2004

DSC02126 DSC02127 DSC02131

Clementine is now very active - climbing into, up and back down everything in sight.



She's "all mobile style", and has the cutest sneakers!
DSC02140 DSC02135 DSC02141


During an afternoon walk she discovered some jam-jar tops which fascinated her.


DSC02148 DSC02154 DSC02155
She played with them for 15 minutes... which is almost a whole day in big people time.
DSC02156 DSC02158 DSC02159
She was careful to keep them with her throughout all other activities - like climbing stairs...
DSC02164 DSC02163 DSC02165

... giving me tummy raspberries, and poking my belly.



DSC02166 DSC02167 DSC02168
In the face of many many toys, the jam-jar lids were giants... at least for a while.
DSC02169 DSC02170 DSC02171

The long, striped guy is from a store called Nest in SF. I picked him up and then.. just couldn't put him down. Not sure if it's a dog or a cat or what - we named him "Danimal", after a license plate I saw on the highway. Who goes to the DMV and gets a "Danimal" vanity plate???


DSC02173 DSC02177 DSC02178

In addition to climbing stairs (safely - she turns around completely to go down)...


DSC02182 DSC02188 DSC02191

 Clementine can now also entertain herself with books. 


DSC02193 DSC02203 DSC02204

 She turns the pages and points at the animals, and reads to herself in baby language. 



DSC02210 DSC02212 DSC02215

 She is also in training for the WWF. 


DSC02222 DSC02219 DSC02218

The rigors of her daily bouts are top secret material, fit only for fellow trainers. 


DSC02224 DSC02220 DSC02225

But you can see she's a formidable opponent, already. Watch out for her low kicks. Deadly! 



DSC02227 DSC02229 DSC02232

She's also an amateur botanist


DSC02237 DSC02238 DSC02239

Little escapes her inquisitive eye - or hand (sadly prone to crushing at this stage).



DSC02243 DSC02247 DSC02248

While Clementine slept, we discussed her wrestling program over Chinese takeout and wine.



DSC02251 DSC02253 DSC02254

Apparently this sordid scene is the result of a farmers' market strawberry extravaganza.



DSC02263 DSC02264 DSC02265

Cell phones and cherries were also on the menu.


DSC02269 DSC02270 DSC02271

I believe that this is the cutest baby on the planet, people.


DSC02277 DSC02274 DSC02276

I also believe she is studying to be a mafia don. All she needs is a pinky ring!



DSC02284 DSC02288 DSC02291

First, some chicken. Then... let's go for a walk!


DSC02301 DSC02303 DSC02309

Tho, maybe a book before that walk?


DSC02310 DSC02315 DSC02316

Tiny investigates what I bought for Doug in Japantown. Kittens in Fries. Don't ask me, because I  don't get it, either. They also come in burritos and hamburgers, in case you're wondering.



DSC02317 DSC02319 DSC02320

Pink means nothing to this baby. She's all about texture, and dirt!



DSC02321 DSC02322 DSC02325

We did eventually go for a walk - looking for her bottle (which she threw from the stroller in a fit of post-strawberry angst or something?). Lo and behold - a kind stranger put it in plain view.


DSC02327 DSC02328 DSC02330

Tiny's hands are so small - but just the right size for cheerios and raisins.


DSC02333 DSC02332 DSC02334

Some beauties along the walk that escaped her mitts.



DSC02336 DSC02338 DSC02341

Another development: pushing things. When they do not go where she wants, there are tears.


DSC02343 DSC02342 DSC02345

But nothing a little quality time with a boob (or bottle) can't fix. Happy gnawing, Tiny!!