Chillin in Tokyo - August 2003


The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Tokyo are still with me.


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View of Shibuya from the Cerulean hotel - 35th floor, corner room.


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In the main square, near the train station, black vans spout nationalist propaganda.


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A woman dances furiously just steps from the black van.
Angry death metal is her soundtrack.


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DSC00048 DSC00049 DSC00050

I did not take nearly enough photos of interesting fashion. Too shy with my camera in public.


DSC00071 DSC00073 DSC00077

Occasionally, Doug snapped a photo of my own interesting fashion choices....


DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00080
DSC00084 DSC00082 DSC00085

Justin's advice about food was flawless. Yakitori was one of the many dishes he suggested.


DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00086

Soju and pickled plum sours were another brilliant inspiration.


DSC00089 DSC00092 DSC00091
DSC00094 DSC00106 DSC00095

An entire building covered with LEDs that look like windows. Really!!!


DSC00098 DSC00097 DSC00096

If we look drunk and exhausted its because basically, we were. A good kind of tired, tho.


DSC00099 DSC00105 DSC00101
DSC00103 DSC00102 DSC00107

We certainly did not look as cool as this hipster on the bridge. Damn, he was fly.


DSC00137 DSC00128 DSC00141

Here we are enjoying the view on top of a convention center hotel, waiting for Doug.
Doug was sitting downstairs in the lobby, waiting for us. 


DSC00179 DSC00177 DSC00180
DSC00187 DSC00190 DSC00186

Alan's favorite ramen shop was mind blowing. 
I'm surprised we didn't grow snouts while sitting there, like the wayward children in Pinocchio


DSC00182 DSC00188 DSC00189

Tokyo streets are spotless.


DSC00184 DSC00183 DSC00185

The signage is entertaining to say the least.


DSC00194 DSC00196 DSC00191
DSC00203 DSC00195 DSC00201

This kid looked like he'd just landed from Roswell, himself.


But clearly, Alan had him beat.


IMG_0817 IMG_0819 IMG_0818
IMG_0822 IMG_0820 IMG_0821

The only shop I snuck photos of during our Fashion Death March. It is the Baby Milo store, part of the BAPE empire that is slowly spreading throught Tokyo's fashion underground. The store was filled with music that had been mixed with the soft chanting sound of marching feet. It was spooky. Also seen on the trip: BAPE original store, second BAPE store with gallary upstairs (closed, sadly), Foot Soldier (the sneaker shop which included a rotating conveyer belt of kicks) and the BAPE cafe. Mmm, delicious drinks and sexy red couches. 

Alan knows his shit, yo. 

IMG_0825 IMG_0830 IMG_0827

The latest Prada castle. It is filled with RF tags. They even put them in the floor. 
When you pick up an item of clothing or a shoe - they know. Everything is sending a signal.


IMG_0833  IMG_0843 IMG_0839

Parting shots of myself and Jane, courtesy of the ever-vigilant DC.
That's Hello Kitty bubble bath in the tub. It was volumous!!!