3D Animation Gallery

The following shows the animation capabilities of the software. The animation can be described in the scripting language itself and allows for rectilinear as well as curvilinear motion of objects. Interesting lighting effects can be obtained by animating lights also, which is allowed by the software. Also , by using the animation capabilites of the scripting language cleverly, interesting compound animations can be generated, with each object following a seperate animation path in the scene.

Click on the thumbnails to view the animations. The animations here are captured as animated GIFs. Corresponding AVI files are also available in the Links Section



Rainbow Effect on a sphere

This shows a unique effect created with light animation. In this animated scene, 3 lights colored red, blue and green are rotated around x, y, z axis respectively. As the lights rotate, light diffusion creates an interesting effect on the sphere which is itself white in color.

Rocket Launch

A simple animation showing combined animation of compound objects.

Satellite Launch

This is an enhancement of the "Rocket Launch" Animation. This shows the capabilities of the animation commands, where seperate animation sequences can be applied to different objects.

Sphere Symmetry

Solar System

This shows the curvilinear motion capabilities of the software.

Multi-colored Spheres

Rotation around trees

This shows the camera rotation features which shows a 360 degree view around the scene.

Camera Rotation: Cone

Lighting animation

This shows the effect of rotating a light above the donut around the y axis.

Haunted Hourglass

This is an interesting animation created by animating lights around a hourglass