Chinese Checkers
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Download the game !  and try beating the computer

Source code in Borland C++ Builder

Description of the game

Chinese Checkers is a game requiring strategy and logic,  played on a board shaped like a six-pointed star, with one player's home at each star point. Unlike chess, which is played on a flat board, Chinese Checkers is played with round marbles on a board with holes, where the marbles rest. The holes are connected by lines forming a hexagonal pattern. The players are only allowed to move their marbles along these lines.


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It also features a commentary window which shows various statistics to compare various optimizations which we have done and also helps in comparing various heuristics.


Rules of the Game

Two to six players can play the game, each having ten same-colored marbles. At the start of the game, the player's marbles are in the ten holes of the star point that has the same color as his marbles. The goal is to move all marbles of your color from your starting point to the star point on the opposite side of the board, here called the goal. A marble can move by rolling to a hole next to it or by jumping over one marble, of any color, to a free hole, along the lines connecting the holes in a hexagonal pattern. The player can make several jumps in a row, but only one roll. The player cannot both roll the marble and jump with it at the same turn. When the player has moved one of his marbles, the turn passes on to the next player. Unlike chess, you never remove any game pieces from the board.



The central marble can either roll to one of the six lightly colored holes next to it, or if these holes are filled with other marbles, use them to jump along the arrows to one of the six free holes the arrows point to.