Summer Internship at IBM Research Labs, IIT Delhi India

My work involved providing solutions for aiding in development of large-scale distributed applications in eGovernment. Initially I looked at eGov data management solutions using IBM Content Manager. I developed a new API in C++ for special distributed data storage needs of eGov applications and developed a prototype eGov application on top of it.

I then worked on the problem of managing Security/Audit Information in Distributed Database Systems (like eGovernment) and independently suggested a new scalable Architecture for the above problem and also worked on other issues like secure transfer and storage.

Done under guidance of Dr. P.V. Kamesam, Research Scientist, IBM Watson Research Lab


The Final Talk given at end of internship in PPT format

Presentation in HTML format ( Internet Explorer )


A Beginners guide to Content Manager  

Content Manager is a wide area content management solution developed by IBM. My initial work was with content manager and developing a e-gov application with content manager. I wrote a guide for beginners, to introduce Content Manager.

Internship Report  (PDF)

This contains a summary of my work at IBM.