Space Invaders 3D

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This game got the Second prize in the Game Development Contest In the Computer Graphics Course at Northwestern.

This is the classic game Space Invaders re-invented with OpenGL as Space Invaders 3D. The game is simple to play, but this version adds some interesting game play challenges. You are the pilot of Bat-plane ! Your opponents are in F17s. Missiles used are the popular AARAM and PYTHON missiles. There is artificial intelligence like satellite guided missiles, intelligent aggressiveness etc to make game play more challenging !

This game was written in Visual C++ 6.0 with OpenGL.


Arrows to move
Space to fire
F1 to toggle full screen mode
F2 to change the different camera views

The game features multiple camera views. Here are some screenshots:

The 3d Perspective View
Top view
Composite Views !

See the missile travel through space, when you fire it.

Playability Features:

Each player missile fire costs you 10 points