Under guidance of Prof. Anshul Kumar
CS212 - Computer Architecture

Developed by:

Ashish Gupta 98131
Angshuman Parashar 98123

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Description of the project

The Simulator and Assembler was developed in Visual C++ which implements a partial implementation of the SUN-SPARC processor with a pipelined architecture.

The above program can be used to gain some insight into making simulations of discrete nature where lots of components are interacting together like to above simulator.


Sparc Info

SPARC Instruction Set implemented in this Simulator

Brief Description of Architecture of SPARC and Instruction Format


The below screenshot shows the main environment of the Sparc Simulator consisting of a text window for adding code and various other dialogs for showing the inner working of the processor.

Dialog Windows

Shows number of clock cycles executed till now


Shows the contents of the instruction memory of the processor

Shows the contents of the registers of the processor ( from 0 to 31 )

Shows the contents of the data memory of the processor ,in binary as well as character format ( for text data )

Shows the contents of the various pipleline registers of the processor to understand the low level working of the processor

Shows the various events pending in the event manager , if the processor is executed in steps of a nanosecond instead of a complete clock cycle. This is possible only because of the timing simulation implemented in the Simulator.

ToolBar Help


Configurable Parameters


Note: The simulator was developed in a very short time and is not free of bugs. Very long programs will be assembled but may not be executed correctly be the simulator. However , the following examples provided nicely illustrate the working of the processor and its various components like instruction fetch , pipelining, hazard unit , forwarding unit, branching etc.

Examples you can run:





more to come...

examples.zip Contains more examples to try out ( 2k )

Source Code and Windows Executable

SparcSim_Source.zip Source Code for SparcSim. Compiles in Visual C++ 5.0 and above. ( 120k )

SparcSim.exe Executable for SparcSim for Windows Platform ( 151k )


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