Visual Graph Studio

with Dijktra's Algorithm

Ashish Gupta 

This is a visual graph editor with graph algorithms. This has a real 3d GUI developed from the basics with mouse support. The code is fully object-oriented.


Visual Graph Editor

Developed in Turbo C++ on DOS Platform , it was written as a part of the 3rd Assignment for implementing Dijktra's Algorithm in my 1st year.


Screenshot #1: The following screenshot shows the initial view of the studio.


Screenshot #2 : Visual Graph Editor in action. One can easily construct graphs just by clicking to make the nodes and the edges. The edge length can be specified manually or it can be set based on the physical distance between the nodes on the editor.

This also shows the Zoom feature of the Graph Editor to zoom in at particular sections of the graph. The editor also lets you adjust the zoom magnification for the zoom window.

Screenshot #3: This demonstrates construction of a simple graph and its output file which can be read from any program to apply graph algorithms.

Here is the graph info generated by saving the above graph

0 2 19.313208
0 4 14.142136
1 0 10.29563
1 2 15
1 4 20.248457
2 1 15
2 3 20.248457
2 4 17.464249
3 1 31.064449
4 0 14.142136
4 1 20.248457
4 3 15

The first line indicates number of nodes and second line indicates number of edges. Rest of the lines indicates edge lengths between the various nodes.

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Source code for assignments

Source code for the above assignment - Dijktra's Algo with Visual Graph Editor


Other code for data structures

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