Where I'm from ...

"... and then, little by little, the wider road ... definitely towards the south, in that Route 3 that ended in the point of the world; there, where Martín imagined everything white and frozen, that point that was beckoning towards the Antarctica, swept by the patagonian winds, inhospitable, on one hand but clean and pure on the other, the heart of Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope), Bahía Inútil (Useless Nay), Isla Desolación (Desolation Isle) ... names suggesting remote and solitary regions of the world but clean, harsh and the purest places that seemed to be not smeared by mankind yet".

Ernesto Sábato, "On Heroes and Tombs" (1961)

I was born in Comodoro Rivadavia, a city located in the southeast corner of the Chubut province, in Patagonia, Argentina.

Here are some images from Comodoro and Patagonia in general: