Computer Science CS C95 (22)
Computer Game Design
Spring 2001

Course Information: 
Location: CS Classroom 381 (CS Department, 1890 Maple Avenue)
Time: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-2:20pm
Ken Forbus 
Computer Science Department
1890 Maple Avenue, Room 300 
(847) 491-7699 
Office hours: By appointment

Teaching Assistant:
Robin Hunicke
Computer Science Department
1890 Maple Avenue
(847) 467-7252
Office hours: TBD

Check the class newsgroup for announcements, help, and discussions.

Course materials


General Resources

Interactive Fiction resources:

Age of Kings resources:

The Sims resources:

Acknowledgements:  This course relies on resources generously provided by others.  It would not be possible without them.

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