Booth Designs at E3
May 2004


DSC01560 DSC01561 DSC01564
DSC01565 DSC01566 DSC01567

I thought Infinium did an excellent job with their booth this year. It did exactly what they wanted to do - put their technology in your living room. I can't speak much to the games they'll offer, but they have the right kind of people working with them in marketing. This booth was great.

DSC01574 DSC01577 DSC01578
DSC01579 DSC01581 DSC01582

Gizmondo's break-dancing setup was also pretty cool. Except for when one of the dancers was almost crushed by a tottering chopper-bike. RE: the pink bum: I have no idea what that back-pocket jewelry/guy thing is but I want one. Same goes for the cute bboys.

DSC01616 DSC01619  

Generally the floor felt crowded and tacky, too much going on and not enough room to maneuver around the game stands. Microsoft's Xbox booth was an exception.

   DSC01631 DSC01630

Nokia moved from white to red this year, replacing the open air form of last year's booth with a womb-like structure. I wasn't a big fan - tho it was quiet (a main feature of the previous design). You could actually use your phone in here.

DSC01880 DSC01881  

Sony again failed to top the 2002 booth - opting for a pretty sparse structural layout with rows and rows of boxy displays radiating out from a cramped and maze-like center. I found it very hard to navigate through their area (which I did several times, while meeting up with folks at the Harmonix booth). These photos are the view from the "corporate" area upstairs.