Handhelds Revealed
May 2004


DSC01711 DSC01883 DSC01885

Here we are - humans, staring at little tiny objects with curiosity and wonder. I'm surprised more people didn't sniff or lick the yellow one to see if it was as banana-crème as it looked. Oh, right - it was behind glass. Still, if I get one of these, I hope it's a yellow one.


DSC01888 DSC01889 DSC01890

Generally, it was the DS that got me excited.  Call me a "hardcore" gamer, or immature, or a Nintendophile but I really preferred the feel of the DS. Also, how nice to spend some time playing!


 DSC01892  DSC01893  DSC01894

The DS had a "very game and watch feel" to quote Mr.  Hall. A bit chunky, but cute - substantial, and lots of different things to try out in the little demo cave.

They also gave you a glow-y, LED stylus and tee shirt! No smalls left, so I gave mine away.


DSC01895   DSC01897

My favorite apps were the lathing game/demo (use the stylus to carve out a shape similar to the one depicted above on the regular screen) and the pict-o-chat. You could suck down other people's notes and edit them, then re-beam. Yar indeed!


DSC01899 DSC01896 DSC01898

Justin wondered: why did Nintendo stow this gem at the end of an hour-long line? Why not have a few out in the open where people could take a peek? As it was, many people didn't even *see* the DS. I am reminded of the Nokia booth when I look at these photos. Is there a womb theme going on, or is it just my imagination?


   DSC01903 DSC01902