Experimental Gameplay Workshop

GDC 2005: San Francisco


DSC05112 DSC05115 DSC05117

 Jane talks about ARGs... while Chris embodies "Argh"...


DSC05119 DSC05123 DSC05125

 ...as Doug and Checker atttempt to get some Jam games up and running


DSC05133 DSC05136 DSC05140

 Once again, a full house - including many jammers and super-intern Darius


DSC05146 DSC05149 DSC05150

 Checker speaking at lightening speed, Doug puppetmastering behind the screen.


DSC05152 DSC05153 DSC05159

 Keita stopped by to visit and sign some stuff (he was mobbed everywhere he went!)


DSC05165 DSC05167 DSC05169

 Checker "fixed" the CMU presentation (and then unfixed it).


DSC05173 DSC05175 DSC05177

 This demo featured the phrase "Kick Ass, Nintendo Gaming!"


DSC05181 DSC05185 DSC05310

Jon demoed Braid, while the Wild Divine lady showcased zen-like calm.


Once again - great work from all the speakers! See you next year!