The (0,1)2nd Indie Game Jam

Oakland - March 2004


 DSC00929 DSC00931  DSC00935
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Pre-Jam preparations ran late. 9 pm, and still loads to do



DSC00939  DSC00941  DSC00940

Like... unpack all the computers and set them up!

No small task - especially since they were in shipping crates - in the basement.



DSC00942 DSC00952  DSC00951

Was going to be a long night - so I went to get snacks.



DSC00948 DSC00946 DSC00947

Things went pretty smoothly, once I got all the machines running.

3 of them, tho, did not work quite right.

(I was a little punchy).



DSC00955 DSC00956 DSC00958

I slept till 9 and woke up ready to... finish my grading. Then jam.


Other jammers showed up the next morning, debating and collaborating almost immediately.


Look at how they demolished my snacks!




 DSC00967 DSC00961  DSC00968

Justin arrived from SXSW, after a long delay in the Austin airport.

DSC00962 DSC00966  DSC00964

We jammers were already exhausted - and so, acted silly as hell.

DSC00959 DSC00970 DSC00960

Our poor waitress!! At one point, Justin joked that we would have to vote on giving her a tip. Clearly Chris and Austin were skeptical. Jon almost fell asleep right at the table.





 DSC00972 DSC00971 DSC00974

People worked hard all day. It was difficult to make things work like you wanted to, and a lot of people worked quietly, throwing away ideas and starting fresh.




We ate a huge meal at the Tea House restaurant - and on the way home, saw this beatiful but wild-looking bird, on the top of a parked car. Eventually we figured out it was digging fish out of a nearby garbage can. Couldn't decide if seeing it was good luck, or a really bad sign.



 DSC00987 DSC00988 DSC00982

The next day I woke up very late, and ... went to eat brunch at the wonderful (but now closed) "crepes place" (that's what everyone always calls it). Look at that latte! Almost as pretty as Brian, backlit by the beautiful bay windows. We ate lunch AND dessert crepes.



 DSC00998 DSC00999  DSC01000
 DSC01002 DSC01001 DSC01003

Then, after more work, we all... went out to eat again! Ok really we never programmed any games - we just ate food and slept the whole weekend.


7 courses of Vietnamese beef.

Mmmm. Beeeeeef.



 DSC01007 DSC01008 DSC01009
 DSC01010 DSC01011  DSC01012

These shots show "my" corner of the room on Saturday night.


I'd wanted to make a shoe game - but failed and ended up making this crazy space-ship drawing tool (thanks and more to Sean and Zack who both helped me when I was "stucked"). In the end, tho, Sean came through with a game called "Boot Looter" - supposedly about a suburban woman searching for shoes in a deteriorating shopping mall. It featured level geometry that could be knocked about.


Chaim pondered his tree/fruit game for a long time... and I think he was kind of worried that it wouldn't work out. But in the end, it was the game of the jam, hands down. Co-op was key!



DSC01020  DSC01019 DSC01021

Thatcher's robot boxing game was super silly and fun. Everyone loved to play it. So goofy!



 DSC01015 DSC01014  DSC01022

Doug spent a lot of time tuning his balance board game. The Foley sounds didn't make it into the final build - but it was still pretty fun. Thatcher, man of spring-bound humanoid forms, made Doug a "balance dude" who wobbled and swayed when you moved the board.




DSC01023 DSC01024 DSC01025
DSC01028 DSC01033  DSC01031
 DSC01035 DSC01032 DSC01036

I had to leave the jam relatively early on Sunday morning, to meet up with the Tuning Workshop folks in San Jose. But when I finally crashed on Saturday, people will still working hard, discussing the designs and sound and art for their games.


A very creative bunch, indeed.





Thanks to all our sponsors - without whom there would be no machines, no snacks, no jam.



 See you next year!