SmartGirls Week: NYC, October 2003!


SmartGirls week started out nice and slow. with some much-needed R&R at the Parker Meridian. Key features: Cartoons in the elevators (along with mini-pups in Gucci totes), delicious apple crumble pastries, ambient lighting options for every room, and a rotating entertainment center that separates the bedroom from the rest of the suite.

IMG_0975 IMG_0972 IMG_0981
IMG_0977 IMG_0984 IMG_0983
IMG_0979 IMG_0989 IMG_0990
IMG_0982 IMG_0988 IMG_0993
IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1007
after some dining out...   
IMG_1001 IMG_0994 IMG_1006
and some speaking out...   
IMG_1017 IMG_1014 IMG_1018 was time to hit Camp Hong-Porretta! In addition to comfy sleeping, beautiful kittens, fabulous fish and delicious clam chowder, games, Indiana Jones, sac-sac and smoking, there were many jokes, some tears, and a little sump'n extra for those on the peep. If it had been any more fun, we wouldn't have been able to leave the apartment!

IMG_1019 IMG_1021 IMG_1020


We did make it out a couple of times, tho.  Here we are amidst a group of serious, networking game developers, researchers and press. Jane was quite sylish (and cozy) in her new pink sweater. Rania rocked her cute bag and nifty game-zine! Of course, SmartGirls are never to shy to jump for the camera!

IMG_1025 IMG_1027 IMG_1028
Talking games and culture with the rest of 'em - that's one smart gamegirl


IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1037
IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040

 But the real event (if you ask *this* SG) was our trip to the taping of a television cooking show. Not only did Alaina infiltrate the show as an official taster... 

IMG_1048 IMG_1047 IMG_1044
IMG_1045 IMG_1043 IMG_1051
... Souris managed to wrangle us into a photo with the celebrity chef judges. Yes, it's true - I shook the hand of Ming Tsai. Those dishes - those dimples! His mother must be so proud!!  



The only bad thing about SG week was that it had to end. SmartGirls 2004 - TOKYO??