Tokyo Game Show: Cosplayers

September 2004







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TGS cosplayers gather between the two large halls on the second day of the show.




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 Photographers line up to snap the brilliant costumes - many are in costume themselves.




 DSC03586 DSC03588  DSC03598

Fantasy characters reveal skin - but only sometimes. Sexiness is an explicit choice.





 DSC03589  DSC03594 DSC03595

Empowerment is also a popular theme.





DSC03590 DSC03596 DSC03597





 DSC03599  DSC03606 DSC03600

 Sometimes a photographer will request a particular pose.




DSC03601 DSC03602  DSC03608





 DSC03609  DSC03610  DSC03614

Players will work together to find the best angle and pose for a given character.




 DSC03619 DSC03618  DSC03623

This often leads to smiles and laughter. Most don't take themselves too seriously. 




DSC03630  DSC03624  DSC03629





DSC03626 DSC03627 DSC03632

However, some players do not like to be photographed out of pose.




 DSC03635 DSC03631  DSC03636





 DSC03641 DSC03645 DSC03639

A majority of the cosplayers are women, but men attend in fair numbers.




 DSC03652  DSC03651  DSC03653

Often, girls Cross-Play as boy characters




 DSC03655 DSC03659  DSC03656





 DSC03666 DSC03660 DSC03661




DSC03664  DSC03658 DSC03665

 Some boys cross as girls, too.




DSC03668  DSC03670 DSC03669

 I find the poses fascinating. How many times did she practice kissing that chain?




 DSC03667  DSC03672  DSC03673





DSC03675 DSC03676  DSC03688

 Groups seem to enjoy the event quite a bit - hamming it up for the cameras and themselves.



DSC03682 DSC03683 DSC03684





DSC03685  DSC03678  DSC03679





 DSC03681 DSC03686 DSC03687

 Taking a photo here is a sign of respect and admiration. It is a compliment.




DSC03690  DSC03692 DSC03697

The players give so freely of themselves - mostly, to strangers.




 DSC03700 DSC03695 DSC03699





 DSC03713 DSC03704  DSC03711





DSC03708 DSC03714 DSC03710





 DSC03709 DSC03715 DSC03716

 I saw a lot of kids at the event this year. Cross-Play was also more prevalent.








DSC03719  DSC03720  DSC03721
DSC03722 DSC03724 DSC03723


DSC03725  DSC03727 DSC03726







 DSC03776  DSC03735 DSC03737

 The color was great, as always.




DSC03740 DSC03744  DSC03748

Worlds collided when players ate or walked on the show floor...




 DSC03750  DSC03751  DSC03755

 even though the cat and the school girl are everywhere.




 DSC03758 DSC03759  DSC03760





DSC03762 DSC03765  DSC03777




 DSC03773 DSC03774 DSC03766

 Cosplayers present an alternate view of these cliches... personalizing them.




 DSC03781  DSC03779  DSC03796





 DSC03782  DSC03783  DSC03787

This was one of my favorite groups!




DSC03790 DSC03792 DSC03789





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DSC03804 DSC03814 DSC03809
 DSC03813  DSC03816 DSC03811

 The American girls were a big hit. Very pink!




 DSC03824 DSC03819 DSC03821

Hrm. Next year I may actually dress up!