Publications by Jesse Tov

These papers are listed in reverse chronological order. The titles are linked to abstracts, which include links to PDFs and other resources.


Additional Talks

Tempest: A Low-Level Language for a SAFE Machine. At the New Jersey Programmimg Languages and Systems (NJPLS) Seminar, November 2013.

Taking Part-Time Programmers Seriously (with Elizabeth Tov). At the Off the Beaten Track, January 2012.

A Theory of Substructural Types and Control. At the Harvard University, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences PL Seminar, October 2011.

Implicit Arrows in Alms. At New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium (NEPLS), March 2011.

A Model of Functional Traversal-Based Generic Programming. On behalf of Bryan Chadwick and Karl Lieberherr, at the Symposium in Honor of Mitchell Wand, Northeastern University, August 2009.

Quantum Computing and λq (PDF). At Brandeis University, December 2006.