CS 351 

Introduction to 
Computer Graphics


Fall Quarter 2004 
Tues-Thurs 12:30-1:50 pm
CS Dept Rm 381
1890 Maple Ave

Professor Jack Tumblin

email: jet@cs.northwestern.edu

Course Description


This course teaches fundamental principles and practice the underlies all forms of computer-assisted picture-making. In every assignment, you will write programs to make pictures in different ways. 

You will learn and apply 2-D and 3-D viewing transformations, polygonal shape descriptions, scene graphs, bumps, texture, color, and  lighting and shading using openGL. CS351 also introduces you to wide variety of topics in perception, shape modeling, movement, physical light transport, and depiction covered in greater depth in the later graphics courses.  

When you finish, you’ll understand the ‘rendering pipeline’ hardware found in most computers, you will know how to write programs that use it, and will also know how to escape its limitations to more accurately model light transport with ray tracing. 


Important Dates
Thurs Sept 23
First day of Class

Thurs Oct 28

Midterm Exam

  Thurs Dec 9
7:00 PM (night!)
Final Exam

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