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The Northwestern Systems Research Group (NSRG) consists of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University who conduct research in all aspects of computer systems, including operating systems, compilers, databases, networking, distributed systems, and security. The NSRG provides a common home, shared resources, and venues to help enable the research programs of individual members.



Ph.D. Students

The Process and Requirements For Northwestern Systems Ph.D. Students is now available.


Distinguished Former NSRG Folks



Prescience Lab

Aqua Lab

New Media
Lab for Internet and Security Technology (LIST)

CS 213Introduction to Computer Systems
CS 317 Data Management and Information Processing (for non CS major, IEMS students)
CS 322Introduction to Compiler Construction
CS 323Scripting Languages
CS 339Introduction to Database Systems
CS 340Introduction to Networking
CS 343Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 344Distributed Systems
CS 345Content Management Systems
CS 350 Introduction to Computer Security
CS 395/495Building Internet Services
ECE 397Introduction to Real-time Systems
CS 399Undergraduate Projects
CS 440Advanced Networking
CS 441Resource Virtualization
CS 442Dynamic Behavior of Applications, Hosts, and Networks
CS 443Advanced Operating Systems
CS 450Internet Security
CS 464Advanced Database Systems
CS 499Graduate Projects



Our research is supported by ...
National Science Foundation
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