Music Audio

Listen to these clips from our CD available on CD BABY. They will give an idea of what we sounded like on that fateful day. You'll love it, or else.

  1. Man in a Hat - uptempo with vocals (David Lindsay and Frank London)
  2. ASB - slower, trumpet feature (by B. Pardo)
  3. Turkish Tihai - uptempo, features sax (by E. Sarath)
  4. Devil's Circle - uptempo, (by Cracow Klezmer Band)
  5. Sous La Lune - slower, features vocals (by S. Frenchperson)

Music Video

Kyle Hamman's video of Balkano performing Balkan Beat Box's "Meboli" at Martyr's in Chicago on Dec 15, 2011

Kyle's video of Balkano performing our original "Freylero Pardo"