Final Projects from Winter 2017


Silicon Ears

Automating Roman Numeral Analysis of Tonal Harmony

Whose line was it, anyway?

Structify: structurally segmenting music audio

Music Genre Identification

Analyzing the effects of source separation on genre classification


Auditory Scene Labeling with Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Similarity Matrix Granulator

Songbird: Autotuning and FX

Harmonious Monk

Polyscribe: Pitch detection for piano music



TonEd violin tone feedback

HapTuner: A haptic tuner

Song Stitcher

Cultural Remix

Mood Picker Playlist Generator

See Major

Which Prof?


Music Instrument Classifier

Final Projects from Winter 2015

Automatic Chordal Analysis of Western Music

Tunescribe: automatic transcription of monophonic audio

Synthalize: making an easier interface for programming a synthesizer

AudioViz: a music visualizer

MusEmoji: categorizing music by emoji

Tune Helper: exploring autotune

Digital Emulation of a Vacuum Tube Guitar Preamp

Music Story 2: a Motion-Graphic-based Music Video Creator

SickBeetz: make drum tracks by beatboxing