Charter of the Relational Grid Information Services Research Group (RGIS)




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The RGIS research group serves researchers who are leveraging the strengths of the relational data model for defining, communicating, recording, and querying static and dynamic Grid information. It has its roots in a task group under the Grid Information Services (GIS) Working Group and in work on relational approaches to performance data within the Grid Performance Working Group. The relational services the group explores are intended to be complementary to the non-relational services being developed within these other groups. If the research conducted by this group is successful, a new working group will be formed to create standards for interoperability.

Goals and Milestones

The group expects that the following goals will be pursued and met:
  • Coordinate among different reseach efforts, producing informational drafts. The goal of this coordination is to further the research efforts of the individual groups through cross-pollination. (due: ongoing) (people: Dinda, Plale, Fisher)
  • Create an archive of GIS and performance data, and traces of queries to this data, and write an informational draft describing the traces and their properties (due: 2002) (people: Dinda, Plale, Fisher)
  • Develop appropriate extensible schemas and indices for Grid information, including an extensible type hierarchy for data objects, and the definition of a set of core types. This will be done in cooperation with the GIS and Performance working groups. This is expected to produce at least two informational drafts (due: 2002) (people: Dinda, Plale, Fisher, other GIS and Performance groups)
  • Determine whether spinning off a working group is warranted (due: 2003) (people: in progress)
  • In addition, the group may pursue the following goals:
  • Define a set of use cases, producing informational draft (due: 2002) (people: in progress)
  • Define a set of common "canned queries", producing informational draft (due: 2002) (people: in progress)