The semantics described here has been superseded by the one used in the R6RS. The semantics is also included in the latest version of Racket (v5.3.6 as of this writing). Evaluate the expression (collection-file-path "README" "redex" "examples" "r6rs") in your installation of Racket to find the location of the README file for more information.

The information below this line is left here for historical puposes.

An operational semantics for Scheme
Jacob Matthews, Robert Bruce Findler

Thanks for your interest in our paper. This page explains how to run the systems described in the paper.

Installing DrScheme
The Reduction Systems

All of the reduction systems are in the tar gzip file r5rs-plt-redex.tar.gz. See the enclosed README file for details on how to evaluate expressions in the systems in part one or the full R5RS semantics from part two, as well as how to run the test suites.