PL Seminar: the K Framework


In this course, we will study the K framework.

MeetingTTh 12:30-2pm, Tech LG62

JS ModelOur final JS model

Githubgithub repository containing the code we hack in class

JavaScriptThe Essence of JavaScript
A Tested Semantics for Getters, Setters, and Eval in JavaScript

Erlang: reference manual and a semantics
Haskell 98: Typing Haskell in Haskell
Javascript: a semantics, another semantics, the ecmascript standard, a commentary on eval
Python: a semantics, a commentary on a particular design decision
Smalltalk: standard, a semantics, another semantics

Oct 23 Burke Fetscher
Oct 25 Burke Fetscher
Nov 1 Matt Wampler-Doty
Nov 6 Daniel Liberman
Nov 8 Dylan Hirshkowitz
Nov 13 Ethan Romba
Nov 15 John Greene
Nov 20 Josiah Matlack
Nov 22 Thanksgiving
Nov 27 Kaicheng Zhang
Nov 29 Lee Fan
Dec 4 Maciej Swiech
Dec 6 Robby Findler

Robby Findler