The Many Faces of DrRacket

v???-v5x (mrf)
In an inspired moment, and no doubt paying homage to the decade that he followed the Grateful Dead on tour (well, we think he spent a decade, but he can't remember too clearly), Matthew created our first PLT logo.
August 1996 (mrf)
This was a short-lived attempt to have different logos for Racket and DrRacket. Realizing that we weren't bringing across the healing, nurturing look we wanted the name DrRacket to convey, Matthew stuck a stethoscope onto the logo. Much better, don't you think?
v5x-??? (mrf)
While the developers adored the steal your face-based logo (and it soon appeared on numerous Web pages), some of our users got queasy about it, especially some using it in high schools. We finally surrendered to this user pressure by keeping the lambda while ditching the skull. The red and blue color scheme, however, remains intact to this day.
???-v103 (mrf, sk, rbf)
also in (scalable) PostScript and SVG.

Shriram had always intensely disliked the lambda's typeface, with its exaggerated curls and their contrast with its gracelessly stiff leg. When he noticed that the Haskell community was using this lambda as well, he decided it was time for us to do better. To that end, he pushed Matthew and Robby on the idea of switching to the lambda from Herman Zapf's AMS Euler.

Creating the lambda was another matter. Using Metafont they generated a sufficiently large lambda and printed it on graphing paper. They then manually entered pen coordinates into PostScript. Any discrepancies between Zapf's original and this image (we know a few) are due to this process and to laziness; this is also why a scalable PostScript source version exists.

v200-v203 (jbc)
John decided that our logo was too flat and, using a raytracer, rendered the previous version of the logo onto a disk. He even made the disk fly across some wierd alien landscape, but that movie is lost in the mists.
v204-205 (mc, rbf)
In January 2003, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) organized a programming language summit featuring Matthias, Matthew, Robby and Shriram. To commemorate the event, the lead organizer, Francisco Solsona, had the artist Mónica Chichino create a modified version of the (current) PLT logo. It plays on the vague resemblance to an apple, but who's the worm? It's there because the group who coordinated the event are known as the Larval Stage.
v206-4.3 (jbc, eb)
John and Eli decided to bring back the raytraced logo, but this time with the larval stage as well. On the right is an image of mars, and it is not fabricated! (courtesy THEMIS) Who'da thunk it: the PLT logo!
v4.3-6.7 (nt)
Neil decided that we all needed more candy in our lives and, in consultation with an adhoc committee formed on the mailing list, made this series of logos. DrRacket shows the third logo during the work week and the fourth one on the weekend. Also available in SVG: plt-logo-red-flat.svg plt-logo-red-gradient.svg plt-logo-red-diffuse.svg plt-logo-red-shiny.svg
v6.8-present (mb)

Other PLT Logos

Memorial Day Weekend, 2006 (mh)
Marvin reports that in the copious spare time that grilling only dead vegetables afforded him, he was able to put together this PLT/deadhead logo.
Dec 2004 (bl)
Brad produced this SVG image from the April 2003 logo. It's arbitrarily scalable! Tshirts of the world beware.
May 2003 (msm)
April 2003 (jbc, mrf, msm)
Summer 2001 (jbc)
John made this logo just before we learned we were leaving Texas, and a variation of it was used on mugs we created for the final Houston-based workshop.
2000(?) (jbc)

2000(?) (jbc)
Also in other sizes: plt-back.1024x768.png plt-back.1024x768.tiff plt-back.1152x870.png plt-back.1152x870.tiff
And with a fade to mac os x's pinstripe: rising-background.gif
2000(?) (jbc)
This is John's foot and the image that is the original source of the stepper's icon
1996 (sk)
Here you see (from the left) Cormac Flanagan, Robby Findler, and Matthew Flatt combined with the sculpture 45 degrees in the Rice engineering quad.
2017 (mf)
And a reprise, 21 years later with the next generation.

Initial Key

Eli Barzilayeb
Matthew Butterickmb
Mónica Chichinomc
John Clementsjbc
Robby Findlerrbf
Marvin Hernandezmh
Matthew Flattmrf
Brad Lucierbl
Morgan McGuiremsm
Shriram Krishnamurthisk
Neil Torontont

Robby Findler