If you were using browswer that supported java, Same would be here. But, you aren't and it isn't.


The object of Same is to score points by removing dots from the board. To remove a dot, click on it. As long as there is another dot of the same color next to the clicked dot, it will disappear along with all adjacent dots of the same color. After the dots disappear, dots in the rows above the deleted dots will fall into the vacated spaces. If an entire column is wiped out, all of the dots from the right will slide left to take up the empty column's space.

Your score increases for each ball removed from the board. The score for each click is a function of the number of balls that disappeared. The "This Click" label shows how many points you would score for clicking the dots underneath the mouse pointer. The score varies quadratically with the number of balls, so eliminating many balls with one click is advantageous.

Click the New Game button to play again.


The source to Same is freely redistributable and modifiable, as long as my name and copyright remain intact.

Robby Findler