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Lights! Camera! Action!

A polygon based 3D Rendering and Animation Package



Lights ! Camera ! Action !  is a polygon based 3D rendering and animation framework. It is implemented in JAVA and has and has many features which make it interesting to work with.


Go to the 3D Scene Gallery and 3D Animation Gallery (links on top) , to see what the program can do !


1.      Renders and animates a scene which can include multiple objects , multiple lights with camera at desired postion.

2. Features a complete scripting language using which the scene can be described and animation parameters per object can be described.

3. Supports multiple lights which can also be animated to produce lighting effects.

4. Animation using Camera Rotation

5. Features a GUI Interface having various facilities like :

q       Manual Camera Rotation

q       Zoom In , Zoom out of scene

q       Translate 3D Scene on screen

q       Animation by rotating Camera

q       WireFrame display on / off

q       Axis Display on / off

6. Has a lighting configuration option using which multiple lights can be added in the scene of different colours and lighting parameters like K_a ,K_s , etc. can be adjusted.

7. Various sample scripts provided as examples showing various features.

Algorithms Implemented

1.      Perspective View

2.      3D Transformations

3.      Illumination Models including Ambient , Diffusion and Specular

4.      3D objects stored as polygons

5.      Wireframe generation of desired accuracy for smooth shading

6.      Basic objects like cubiod , sphere , cylinder , cone etc. generated using wireframes.

7.      Solid Object Generation includes other objects like a donut ( torus ) , superellipses of various kinds.

8.      3D Fractal Terrain Generation with adjustable roughness

9.      3D Fractal Trees of various kinds

10. 3D Animation including straight line and curvilinear motion.

11. Hidden surface removal using Normal method and Sorting Techniques


Downloading the Software

Lights ! Camera ! Action ! (zip file)

To run, Type run.bat at the command prompt in the downloaded directory. Assumes Java is in the path.


Load the appropriate scenes from the Control Toolbar. The scene files are in the scenes directory. Go to Screenshots page for help on the interface buttons.


Final project report (pdf)