Optimal Resource Utilization in VSAT Networks

In this project our aim was to provide optimal resource utilization for various traffic streams in VSAT networks We looked at various types of traffic such as bursty, demand based traffic and multimedia traffic and worked on the problem of optimal utilization of the satellite bandwidth under various traffic conditions We also developed a GUI oriented discrete-event simulator in Visual C++ and implemented many MAC layer protocols like ALOHA, R-ALOHA, FDMA, TDMA, frequency hopping and their combinations for simulation and study of various scenarios.


Project Proposal containing the project description

An ALOHA protocol simulator written in Visual C++. All the parameters are adjustable and it shows the packets animation in real-time.

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Visual MAC Simulator

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Source code in Visual C++ 6.0

A Visual MAC Simulator was developed as a major part of the project. It automatically does bandwidth utilization analysis and outputs a report file. Sources can be configured and any number can be added. It supports many different kinds of sources and also many different MAC protocols like Aloha, FDMA, TDMA, FTDMA etc. See source code for more details.  It  activates the sources and records actual bandwidth utilization. Purpose was to find efficient ways of bandwidth utilization in VSAT networks.


Click here to see some graphs generated by the simulator with some of the MAC protocols we tried.