395-22 Lectures

Slides from lectures will be made available from this page sometime after lecture.  Sometimes they contain contents contributed by others, and in those cases we cannot make them available for downloading, but only for reading on-line.  We will make lectures that are downloadable available in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have an Acrobat reader,  you can get one from here.

Be sure to shift-click to download these files.


4/4/02: Introduction.  Online, PDF.

4/11/02: Writing interactive fiction via Inform programming.  Online, PDF.

4/18/02: Future directions in interactive fiction.  OnlinePDF.

4/23/02: Introduction to game AI.  OnlinePDF.

4/30/02: Thinking about gameplay. OnlinePDF.

5/2/02: Sources of fun.  OnlinePDF.

5/9/02: AI Programming Example: Age of Kings.  OnlinePDF.

5/14/02: Under the hood of The Sims.  Online.

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