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Ashish Gupta

Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Rd, EECS Department
Evanston, IL 60208

Phone: 847-467-5442, 312-479-2594 (cell)

email: ashish at cs dot northwestern dot edu


I am currently a graduate student , pursuing my PhD in Computer Science. My current research interests are in Networking and Distributed Systems.

I am also interested in programming and development and developing innovative PC/Web applications in general.

Feel free to browse these links for more information about my previous and current work.

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New ! : Check out  , an experimental search prototype

Featured in BusinessWeek : Links one , two  and three.  (Sampling the web's best mash-ups)
ABCNews TV coverage : Top three fun and useful sites of the week  .  June 2005

Resume HTML   
Current projects I am working on                 Software I've written from some of my projects
My Undergraduate Projects and Software developed at IIT Delhi with some interesting downloadable programs and demos.
Some of my previous presentations
Local Articles for the System group

Some interesting downloadable stuff which I wrote in my spare time during undergrad and before


for algorithmic visualizations in Flash

Want to create Dynamic runtime Flash Animations the easy way  ? Use ScriptFlash , an intuitive and simple way to generate cool Flash animations at runtime. 

I was originally motivated to write this when I wanted an easy way to present complex algorithms or information on the web for which using Flash Editors would be a major hassle.  This can be embedded in CGI scripts etc. to dynamically generate Flash animations based on user input and database queries. Contact me for details.

Some Generated Samples and Detail (IE recommended)

Chinese Checkers !

Written with intelligent AI heuristics (Minmax with additional heuristics), this game is extremely difficult if not impossible to be beaten by a human player

GUI developed in Borland C++. Runs on Windows Platform

Click here

Space Invaders 3D

Download Space Invaders 3D, the classic Space Invaders game re-written in OpenGL with rendered life-like  3D models like F17s as your enemies.

This game is much more advanced than the ATARI version, and features AI in the enemies and satellite guided missiles.

Connect 4

Connect 4 is a popular game similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, except with a larger board and gravity for your pieces to settle at the bottom.

It implements artificial intelligence algorithms featuring a strong computer opponent.

Click here

Calendar Conundrums 

What is the smallest calendar program you can write ? Here is my hack at it, a one line solution.

Visit my brother Aman Gupta's home page at IIT Delhi. 
His three member team were judged as the best programmers in India at the High school level by Computer Society of India. 

Coverage by The Hindu

Coverage by The Tribune.

Dilbert on IIT ! Strip 1, Strip 2, Strip 3 , Strip 4

Flattering moment for my home page: Offer for paid advertising from a company for $150/month.

Here is a Gangsta version of my home page, courtesy my friend Vageesh.

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