FlexBot Downloads

Latest Release (FlexBot 1.0, August 2002)

Before you download, read this disclamer:
FlexBot is provided free of charge, and warranty free. We have made every effort to ensure that FlexBot is stable and safe. However, necessarily, running FlexBot is entirely at your own risk. This version of FlexBot is in alpha, so we would appreciate any bug reports that you send our way.

You may modify the FlexBot source code provided here in any way you wish. However, we would appreciate a short note letting us know what you're doing with it.

That being out of the way, there are two zip files available for FlexBot 1.0:

  • FlexBot 1.0 Runtime Release (approximately 3.8Mb)
    Contains :
    - The FlexBot mod
    - The bots Groo and Ledgewalker
    - FlexBot developer modules : FlexMonitor, FlexStat, FlexControl and FlexDebug
    - Some maps (3rd_room is our own creation, we also found some more maps online which the bots perform well in)

  • FlexBot 1.0 Source Code (approximately 1.5Mb)
    All the source code that compiles into the FlexBot DLL.

The documentation for FlexBot 1.0 is available online in HTML form, and is also available here by clicking here.

Download notes (02/21/02)

  • We recommend getting the latest update patch (version  for Half-Life, which you can download from here.


These movies require the DIVX 5.0.1 (or newer) codec to run.

Our behavior-based Half-Life bots in action from a human player's first-person perspective:

  • Movie1 
    (35 secs, 4.5Mb, homebrewed map 3rdroom)

  • Movie4 
    (11 secs, 1.6Mb, stalkyards)

The behavior-based bots in action from the chasecam viewpoint:

  • Movie2 
    (37 secs, 5Mb, 3rdroom)

  • Movie3
    (27 secs, 3.8Mb, 3rdroom)

  • Movie5
    (19 secs, 2.6Mb, stalkyards)

  • Movie6
    (15 secs, 1.8Mb, bootcamp

PackHunter in action. The following movie shows the PackHunter behavior in action on two different maps. In each case, notice how the bots come together when they observe a teammate. A pack dynamically chooses a team leader who crouches while moving forward. When a target is observed, all team members coordinate to exact violent justice. 

Hunter-Runner Movies. See the Hunter-Runner homepage for more details on this, including descriptions of the movies.

Student Creations

Class of 2001

The students in the Behavior-based Robotics class this year acted as the first large beta testing group for FlexBot. Fortunately, the system was very stable, and we got tons of great feedback about improvements that could be made to the system.

There were two tracks that people could participate in : a deathmatch task, and a collection task. The DLLs and source code (written in the GRL language) are provided below. To run the DLLs, you have to place them in the under the Flexbot\dlls\behavior_dlls path. Normally, your FlexBot directory should be in c:\sierra\half-life.

For the deathmatch task, the winners were :

For the collection task, the winner was :

  • Brad Jorsch (DLL, Source Code)

  • Note that the collection task was designed to run on a specific map, obtainable here. The map should be placed in the Flexbot\maps directory.