CS140 Advanced Graphics

Editor's note (added 8/8/05)
These pages are very old work, done while I was still an undergraduate at Swarthmore College. I've kept them online, even through there a few places in the writeups which are a bit embarrassing (like the moment when I stumble onto Jacobian solvers without any understanding of what I'm doing). During the last overhall of my website, I made the general layout consistant with the rest of my pages, but otherwise, they're unchanged from the '03 versions.

Assignment pages:
Assignment 1 - A tool to edit particle emitter paramaters.

Assignment 2 - Applying non-photorealistic rendering teqniques to 2d fluid flow.

Assignment 3 - 2d fluid flow modeling.

(as you can probably guess, most of assignment 2 was implemented after I finnished coding up assignment 3