OLD WEBSITE of the Relational Grid Information Services Research Group (RGIS-RG)

This web site has been superceded by the NEW WEBSITE for RGIS-RG. The following exists for historical interest.

This is the web site of the Relational Grid Information Services (RGIS) Research Group, which is within the Grid Information Systems and Performance Area of the Global Grid Forum.

The RGIS research group serves researchers who are exploring approaches to static and dynamic Grid information representation based on database data models such as the relational data model. It has its roots in a task group under the Grid Information Services (GIS) working group and in work on relational approaches to performance data within the Grid Performance Working Group.

You may want to read our charter.

Agenda for RGIS-RG meeting at GGF6 Chicago:


Associated Projects (Core Members)

  • The European DataGrid's Grid Monitoring Architecture Work Package at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • The Unified Relational Grid Information Services Project, jointly at Northwestern University and Indiana University
  • The European Datagrid's Data Management Work Package at CERN.
  • The MDS2 component of the Globus Project at Argonne National Laboratory and USC's Information Sciences Institute
  • The NorduGrid Project
  • Talks

  • GGF 6 (Chicago), October, 2002. Open Discussion of Future Agenda
  • GGF 5 (Edinburgh), July, 2002.
  • Performance Comparison of Grid Information Services, Beth Plale. (ppt)
  • The R-GMA Mediator Revisited, Werner Nutt. (ppt)
  • The NorduGrid Information Model, Balazs Konya. (ppt)
  • Querying Distributed Data Using Grid Messaging, Peter Kunszt. (ppt)
  • Unified Relational GIS: Workloads, Schemas, and Early Performance Results, Peter Dinda. (pdf)
  • R-GMA and OGSA, James Magowan. (ppt)
  • GGF 4 (Toronto), February, 2002.
  • The Role of a Mediator in R-GMA, Manfred Oevers. (ppt)
  • Spitfire: A Relational DB Service for the Grid, Peter Kunszt. (ppt)
  • Key Concepts and Services of a Grid Information Service, Beth Plale, Peter Dinda, Michael Helm, Gregor von Laszewski, John McGee (Presented by Beth Plale).
  • GGF 3 (Frascati), October 2001.
  • Due to 9/11, the RGIS RG did not meet at this GGF.
  • GGF 2 (Washington), July, 2001.
  • GMA and the Relational Data Model - Progress Report, Protocols, and Where We Might Have Strayed..., Steve Fisher, 2001. (Presented in the Performance WG) (pdf)
  • GGF 1 (Amsterdam), March, 2001.
  • Relational Model For Information and Monitoring, Steve Fisher. (Presented in the Performance WG) (pdf)
  • A Unified Relational Approach to Grid Information Services (Presentation of informational draft), Peter Dinda and Beth Plale. (Presented by Peter Dinda in the GIS WG) (powerpoint)
  • Grid Forum (United States)
  • LDAP Query Access: Challenges and Opportunities, Beth Plale and Peter Dinda, October, 2000. (Presented by Beth Plale at Grid Forum 5 in the GIS WG) (powerpoint)
  • Papers (Informational Drafts)

  • B. Plale, P. Dinda, and G. von Laszewski, Key Concepts and Services of a Grid Information Service, Informational Draft (pdf)
  • B. Konya, The NorduGrid Information System, Informational Draft (pdf)
  • W. Hoschek, G. McCance, Grid Enabled Relational Database Middleware, Informational Draft (pdf)
  • B. Coghlan, A Case for Relational GIS/GMA using Relaxed Consistency, Grid Forum Informational Draft GWD-GP-11-1 (pdf)
  • S. Fisher, Relational Model for Information and Monitoring, Grid Forum Informational Draft GWD-GP-7-1 (pdf)
  • P. Dinda, B. Plale, A Unified Relational Approach to Grid Information Services, Grid Forum Informational Draft GWD-GIS-012-1 (pdf, ps).
  • Related Global Grid Forum Groups

  • GIS/Performance Area
  • Database Access and Integration Services Working Group
  • Grid Information Systems WG (former)
  • Metacomputing Directory Services WG (former)
  • Performance WG (former)

  • Peter Dinda

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