Robert Zubek


Just some random things which I thought I'd link here. Enjoy.

Personal - yes, I bought the domain, just for the email address. :)  But while I'm at it, I figured I might just as well put something there...

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Board Games

I'm a big fan of Mayfair Games, the importers of really addictive German games such as Settlers of Catan . I need to get Starfarers pretty soon!

For less flashy games, there's also Cheapass Games, who make cool and relatively inexpensive card, board and dice games. But if you're into indie games, I would definitely check out The Wizard's Attic , an online store for small game manufacturers.

And for budding designers, there's even info on how to make and market your own game from Jolly Games, and then much more info at Discover Games .