My Mother's curriculum vitae

Dr. Pushpa Sundararaj
Reader (Equivalent of Associate Professor)

Department of Food and Nutrition
Lady Irwin College
Sikandra Road
New Delhi 110001, India
Tele-fax: +91-11-2335-8777
Email: psundararaj@hotmail.com

My Mother's Curriculum Vitae.

My Mother has also written the following books:

Copies can be obtained by writing to:
Phoenix Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
21 Prakash Apartments, 5 Ansari Road
Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002, India
Phone: +(91)-(11)-3259444/3260739/3268239
Fax: +(91)-(11)-3283141


A Partial List of My Father's Publications

A partial list of my Father's (Dr. B. I. Sundararaj) publications listed at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) can be found here. You can also download the same here.

Here is a report written by my Father for the United Nations (UN) Development Programme and presented at the annual conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy 1981.


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