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Associate Professor, EECS Department, Computer Science
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    More recent work provides principled analysis and a minor correction to LCIS equation; see: "Nonlinear Regularizations of Total Variational-based PDEs for Image Processing", by Andrea Bertozzi, John Greer, and Stanley Osher (2004) [CiteSeer], and "ADI Schemes for Higher-order Nonlinear Diffusion Equations" in Applied Numerical Mathematics Archive Volume 45, Issue 2-3, pp. 331--351(May 2003), also: [TravWave2004], [Wiley], [BGOV2005], [Springer2005]

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NOTE: All U. S. and European Patent abstracts are available on-line at Delphion Intellectual Property Network (Use search term "Tumblin.").

  • Two sets of patents pending: one on "Flutter Shutter"(SIGGRAPH2006) with MERL, and

  • "Color2Gray"(SIGGRAPH2005) with Northwestern University.

  • U.S.Patent #7,038,185 Tumblin, J., Raskar, R., Agrawal, A., “Camera for Directly Generating a Gradient Image” issued May 2, 2006, Primary patent for clique-adaptive sensor design; assigned to Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (Cambridge, MA).

  • U.S. Patent #4,924,498 and

  • U.S. Patent #5,142,575 "A Method and Apparatus for Improving Video Scrambling and Employing Split-Sync Pulses.'' Filed Nov. 1989, issued May 8, 1990 and August 25, 1992 respectively. Cable-TV scrambler/decoder method, assigned to Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., and deployed in their analog set-top cable box product lines.

  • U.S. Patent #4,807,158 "Method and Apparatus for Sampling Images to Simulate Movement within a Multi-dimensional Space.'' Primary patent for IVEX VDS-1000 series visual systems for flight simulation, filed 1987, issued February 21, 1989.

  • U.S. Patent #4,873,585 "Method of Selectively Retrieving Video Images From a Video Reproducer for Simulating Movement.'' Secondary patent for IVEX 3D fractal mountain flying video game, filed 1985, issued October 10, 1989.

  • U.S. Patent #4,752,836 "Method and Apparatus for Reproducing Video Images to Simulate Movement within a Multidimensional Space.'' Primary patent for IVEX 3D fractal mountain flying video game, filed 1985, issued June 21, 1988.

  • U.S. Patent #4,321,853 "Automatic Ear Training Apparatus.'' Microcomputer-based music theory training device, developed as an undergraduate research project at Ga. Tech, filed 1978, issued March 30, 1982.

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