Simone Campanoni

Tenure-track assistant professor
Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University

Simone Campanoni

Computer Science
Northwestern University

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The Northwestern University Compiler (NUC) group organizes a weekly reading club where we discuss research papers.
Who: the compiler reading club is open to everyone
Where: the reading club is done in person and in the NUC lab (3304/3308)
When: every Tuesday from 2pm to 3pm CST
What: we discuss
  • Compiler research papers
  • System research papers that do (or could) have a strong influence to compiler research

Protocol to choose the paper to review for a given week

You can propose a paper to review only the week before.
Deadline = Thursday 5pm (it's in the NUC calendar)
To propose a paper: send the link of the pdf of the paper to the #reading_club channel of the NUC slack group
You can vote to all papers you would like to review the week paper.
Deadline = Friday 5pm (it's in the NUC calendar)
To vote a paper: click Thumb up on the slack message with the pdf link.
Friday at 5pm the paper with the highest votes will be read/discussed the week after.

Papers read

08/30/2022 Unified Analysis of Array and Object References
07/19/2022 Array SSA form and its use in parallelization
07/05/2022 An Efficient Profile-Analysis Framework for Data-Layout Optimizations
06/28/2022 Draft of one of our unpublished paper
06/21/2022 A Unifying Abstraction for Data Structure Splicing
06/14/2022 Dynamic dependency analysis of ordinary programs
06/07/2022 Memory SSA - A Unified Approach for Sparsely Representing Memory Operations
05/24/2022 Speculative Separation for Privatization and Reductions
05/10/2022 Unleashing the Hidden Power of Compiler Optimization on Binary Code Difference: An Empirical Study
03/29/2022 Halide: a language and compiler for optimizing parallelism, locality, and recomputation in image processing pipelines
02/22/2022 VeGen: a vectorizer generator for SIMD and beyond
01/25/2022 Region-Based Shape Analysis with Tracked Locations
01/18/2022 Progressive Raising in Multi-level IR
01/11/2022 OpenARC: open accelerator research compiler for directive-based, efficient heterogeneous computing
10/19/2021 Optimizing Indirect Memory References with milk
10/05/2021 Shape Analysis
09/28/2021 AddressSanitizer: a fast address sanity checker

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