Simone Campanoni

Tenure-track assistant professor
Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University

Simone Campanoni

Department of Computer Science
Northwestern University

Here you can find the software developed by our group

The MARC compilation tool-chain

This software is developed for the MARC research direction.

Coming soon!

The Time Squeezer compilation tool-chain

This software is developed for the compilers for variability-tolerant architectures research direction.

Coming soon!

VIRGIL: Very sImple thRead pool desiGned with the easy Integration goaL in mind

This is a header-only C++ library that implements a simple thread pool using the modern C++ language. The design of VIRGIL aims for an easy integration with other C++ code.

This software is developed for both the MARC research direction and for the parallelizing compiler one.


LLVM related software

Next there is a set of software packages I built to help LLVM development.

My development environment

Next there is the software/configurations I use for my development environment. I hope you will find them as useful as I do.


This is a compilation framework for the CIL bytecode. ILDJIT includes both static and dynamic compilers.

This software has been developed for the bytecode virtual machine research direction.
I've stopped maintaining this software. However, I might reconsider it in the future.

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